Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
Venture Atlanta
Mar 7 /


Where Georgia’s Top Technology Innovators Meet The Country’s Top-Tier Investors

With the shared goal of bringing the premier venture capital event to the state of Georgia each year the Atlanta CEO Council, Metro Atlanta Chamber and Technology Association of Georgia joined forces in 2008 to create Venture Atlanta. Venture Atlanta evolved from the Atlanta CEO Council’s ION Venture Forum (previously called the Atlanta CEO Venture Forum). The annual non profit event is held every October as the forum for  Georgia’s top technology innovators and top-tier investors.

Dating back to 2002, Venture Atlanta and its earlier iterations, have assisted companies in raising over $1.3 BILLON DOLLARS.  Be sure to look at the Past Events section to see all the companies who have taken part in these venture conferences and find out where they are today.

Our Founding Partners

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