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What We Learned at the ATDC Showcase Event

ATDC Startup Showcase 2011 It was a big news day yesterday for Georgia’s start-up community. Not only did nine start-ups graduate – the largest class to graduate since since the Bubble – from ATDC at the organization’s eponymous annual showcase event – attendees were also introduced to a new Georgia Tech accelerator program that will accept between 12 and 20 early-stage start-ups twice a year for a four-month program TechStars style.

But wait, there’s more. Some of these start-ups could receive funding from Flashpoint Investments LLC, a newly formed entity headed by the most recognizable name in Atlanta’s angel community, Sig Mosley, president of Imlay Investments. The Georgia Tech Edison fund could also invest. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Mosley is in the process of raising a $300,000 to $500, 000 fund.

The program will be managed by ATDC’s Nina Sawczuk and Georgia Tech’s Merrick Furst and the first class is scheduled to begin in August.

The program will be a welcome relief for Georgia’s early-stage companies seeking capital and resources. But it’ll be a while before we can keep pace with the other accelerators around the country. This morning, TechCrunch announced the largest Y Combinator class yet. They will be putting more than 60 start-ups through the paces this summer.

Finally, while visiting with the showcase companies at the event, we also learned that two ATDC companies will be among those battling it out for $50,000 TechCrunch’s Disrupt New York to be held in New York City later this month.  Be on the look out in next week’s post as we talk to these two companies here.

Know of any Georgia-based start-ups on the verge of shaking things up in their marketspace? Tell us about them here in the comments section or email

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