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Technology Sector Leading Georgia’s Economic Recovery

Venture Atlanta to feature all-star panel of Georgia technology CEOs at October conference

ATLANTA – July 26, 2011 – In a recent public address, Gov. Nathan Deal singled out the technology sector as the industry to lead Georgia out of its economic doldrums. In response, Venture Atlanta, the state’s largest nonprofit dedicated to helping technology entrepreneurs grow their businesses by connecting them with interested venture capitalists, bankers, angel investors and other financiers, today announced that it will host a “Where Georgia Leads” panel during its two-day conference, to be held October 25 – 26 at the Georgia Aquarium.

Inspired by the multi-year awareness campaign of the same name spearheaded by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the panel will feature four top leaders, one from four of the key technology sectors that Georgia is known for: healthcare information technology, information security, logistics and financial technology.. The executives – John Bardis of MedAssets; Val Rahmani of Damballa; Pete Sinisgalli of Manhattan Associates; and Paul Garcia of Global Payments – will provide exclusive insights into their respective sector’s success in Georgia and how companies seeking capital can benefit.

“As a leading organization in an industry with impressive growth dynamics and innovative trends, Global Payments is honored to participate in this important discussion,” said Paul Garcia, CEO of Global Payments. “The payments industry is truly a space where Georgia leads and projects global reach,” he added.

Georgia is host to more than 13,000 technology companies that have created 250,000 jobs. A survey conducted by founding Venture Atlanta member, TAG, revealed that 70 percent of tech companies plan to hire in the next 12 months and 80 percent will expand their staff in the next five years. The availability of a skilled technical workforce graduating from Georgia’s universities such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University and the array of technical colleges have made it conducive for start-ups developing sophisticated technologies to thrive.

“Georgia has the resources of a global city and the warmth and hospitality of a village,” exclaims Val Rahmani, CEO of information security company Damballa. “The world-class talent and supportive start-up community have enabled Damballa to innovate and lead in the fast-moving internet security industry,” she added.

During the last decade, Venture Atlanta has helped more than 130 companies present their ideas to investors, and has assisted a large number of those companies secure funding that is estimated to be in excess of $810M.

“By highlighting a panel of Georgia’s leading technology sectors and CEOs, we hope to provide Venture Atlanta attendees the inspiration and tools they need to take innovative ideas and make them reality in the marketplace,” said Tino Mantella, president at TAG.

Companies interested in presenting at the organization’s fall conference can submit an online application by August 31, 2011. For more information about Venture Atlanta, please visit

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