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TerraGo Technologies’ Busy 2012


Since we last profiled 2008 presenting company TerraGo Technologies, the company has had even more traction in the marketplace. 

TerraGo started the year off on the right foot by announcing the opening of a UK office in as part of their continued global expansion and to support customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This new office will be an addition to the company’s headquarters in Atlanta and its Washington, D.C. office.

The company also added industry veteran Stuart Miller to the management team. Miller will work out of the Perth, Scotland office and will lead the company’s expansion in the EMEA region. Miller, a 25-year veteran, will help TerraGo customers and other enterprises better understand and utilize geospatial information to enhance organizational efficiency, productivity and responsiveness.

Finally, the company announced the addition of the United States Army to its customer base last month. TerraGo’s  geospatial collaboration software has been popular among first responders and emergency personnel in mission-critical situations. This beach head win in the defense sector could be a sign of more deals to come.

The United States Army recently purchased the TerraGo software as a part of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A), hailed as “the Army’s premier intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) enterprise for the tasking of sensors, analysis and processing of data, exploitation of data and dissemination of intelligence (TPED)”. The Army plans to utilize TerraGo’s maps and imagery to create thousands of GeoPDF maps which will then be transformed into useful digital mapbooks to cover areas as small as a county or as large as an entire country.  These assets can be shared by Army personnel via any mobile computer. Under the reportedly multi-million dollar contract, TerraGo will provide the TerraGo ToolbarTM as well as support and training.

TerraGo Technologies was formerly known as Layton Geo-Science. The company is currently led by Richard M. Cobb who is the president and CEO.

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