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Recap: Bob Metcalfe Keynote at the 2013 Georgia Technology Summit

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Bob Metcalfe Keynote at Georgia Technology Summit

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A record 1,300 attendees arrived as early as 6:35 am this morning to the Cobb Galleria to participate in Georgia’s biggest technology gathering. The first keynote Bob Metcalfe, aka the co-inventor of the Ethernet and founder of 3Com- as he so gently corrected this editor via Twitter a week ago – shared an engaging keynote.

The #TAGGTS program is about to begin! Remember to use the official hashtag in your tweets today.
There was much anticipation:
@bobmetcafe inventor of ethernet up first at #TAGGTS! – talking about innovationAllison Cotney
May 22nd marks the 40th birthday of the #ethernet; thank you @BobMetcalfe! #TAGGTSAventis Systems, Inc
And he wowed the audience with what he did not use: slides…
Listening to @BobMetcalfe #TAGGTS so refreshing to have a brilliant person not use Powerpoints and rather share experiences and stories.Dan Webber
#taggts @BobMetcalfe doesn’t need PowerPoint to hold this crowd’s attention. A master class in giving an interactive, engaging keynote.Keith McGreggor
Metcalfe took a question from an audience member who wanted him to explain Metcalfe’s Law. Here’s a sampling of the reaction and the paraphrasing of his explanation:
Photo: @BobMetcalfe explaining Metcalfe’s Law. "When you connect things together they become more valuable." #TAGGTS
I was there with @jttraino when @BobMetcalfe #TAGGTS explained Metcalfe’s Law. It was a beautiful moment in Atlanta technology history.Dan Webber
Metcalfe’s Law started as a bullet point in a sales presentation 25 years ago, per @bobmetcalfe #taggts @tagthinkProminent Placement
Bob Metcalfe at #taggts "Startups benefit from network effects when they cluster."Makervillage
Bob Metcalfe of recommends you "work on you network…team members, suppliers, and the "band" #TAGGTSTricia Dempsey
Metcalfe on startups, clusters and business plan competitions:
#taggts incubators are cyclical. Criteria for startups needs to be based on real life. Pitch competition doesn’t allow for due diligenceBetsy Plattenburg
#taggts amen to the pseudo-importance of the business plan!Keith McGreggor
#taggts GT held its last business plan competition a few weeks ago… It’s becoming a business MODEL competition this fallKeith McGreggor
Sometimes it’s not about the amount of funding available. Sometimes it’s about the quality of the startups. #taggts @TAGthinkAmanda Shook Hendley
"We have plenty of money, we just need better start ups" @BobMetcalfe #TAGGTS #technology #innovationKatherine Watson
Metcalfe on the future:
Bob Metcalfe at #taggts – "Social, mobile and cloud are former big movers. 3D printing, robots and space travel are next." #taggtsGreg Richardson
Three industries that are begging for disruption: energy, healthcare and education” via: Bob Metcalfe #TAGGTSJosh Byrd
"#Cloud has been around for 30 years, it’s just taken on new meaning more recently," @BobMetcalfe #TAGGTSAventis Systems, Inc
On the robot revolution:
Bob Metcalfe at #taggts – "We won’t bring back 10 jobs to operate a wrench, but 1 job to operate a robot." #econdevGreg Richardson
On education and “MOOCs”
“The university system is making all the same sounds that bookstores did when Amazon came along.” @BobMetcalfe #taggts #moocsStephen Fleming
@BobMetcalfe is talking about MOOCS disrupting the education space. "MOOCS are as bad for education is BOOKS are". He’s taking one. #taggtsGordon Rogers
#taggts85,000 : people who have ever graduated from MIT120,000 : people who are enrolled in MIT’s online classes todayKeith McGreggor
The keynote had the best outcome possible. It was engaging, entertaining and spurred curiosity among some in the audience. Kudos to TAG and Ben J. Dyer for getting Metcalfe here today.
Can entrepreneurship be taught in universities? Have to check out Peter Thiel’s thoughts and new institutions like Singularity Univ #TAGGTSDorothy Peterson

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