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TAG Business Launch 2013 Finalist Mini-Profiles


Team Rigor

Management Team:

Craig Hyde: – Co-founder and President
David Cummings: Co-founder and Chairman

What: Provides web performance management software that lets website owners manage and monitor the performance of their website.  The company promises higher search result rankings, conversion rates, user engagement and sales with the use of their product.

Target Audience: Ecommerce website owners and operators.

Pricing: SaaS monthly subscription model with plans starting at $300. Rates are based on the number of websites and type of monitoring.

Market: The company’s solution falls within the application performance management category which IDC predicts will be a $3.5 billion market in 2016.

Competition: Competes with established enterprise solutions such as Compuware, Keynote Systems, and AlertSite and other challengers such as Watchmouse and Catchpoint.

Differentiation: Tools are easier to use than those from competitors and are designed for use by marketing professionals. Unlike competitors, the company offers flexible pricing term with no contract required.

Revenue: Yes.

Raising Funds? Yes.



Sideqik co-founders

L -R: Jeremy Haile, Kurt Uhlir

Management Team:

Kurt Uhlir – Co-founder and CEO
Jeremy Haile – Co-founder and CTO

What: Provides a technology platform that connects companies with marketing partners and enables them to launch, collaborate and track cross-promotions on a per partner basis. For users, the company promises an accelerated customer acquisition rate without increased advertising or headcount.

Target Audience: Small-medium sized (SMB) ecommerce businesses.

Pricing: SaaS monthly subscription model with a one-time set up fee.

Market: 500,000 ecommerce businesses.

Competition: Since Sideqik’s solution is at the intersection of marketing campaign management, digital marketing and channel management, it competes with existing solutions in these categories including Eloqua, Neolane, Netsuite and Salesforce.

Differentiation: Tight focus on SMB ecommerce companies and unique customer acquisition strategy affords a lower cost per lead.

Revenue: Undisclosed.

Raising Funds? Yes.



L-R: Jess Watson, Candace Mitchell and Chanel Martin

Management Team:
Candace Mitchell: Co-founder and Technical CEO
Jess Watson: Co-founder and CMO
Chanel Martin: Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

What: Texturized’s is a hair care social network for black women that provides personal hair care, style and product recommendations based on lifestyle and hair type.

Target Audience: African American women

Pricing: Consumer intelligence subscriptions and percentage of ecommerce transactions

Market: $10 billion U.S. hair care products industry.

Competition: Competes with established lifestyle websites and online media properties targeting the same audience and existing consultancies providing consumer insights and trend data.

Differentiation: The founders’ deep insight into the target audience’s psychographics is incorporated into the social network’s UX and feature roadmap. This could be the difference in the company gaining market traction despite the challenging marketplace business model.

Revenue: Undisclosed.

Raising Funds? Yes.







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