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Venture Atlanta
May 13 /

Venture Atlanta Promotes Funding for Georgia-based Companies

Annual conference pursuing vibrant companies to apply as presenters

ATLANTA – May 13, 2013Venture Atlanta, Georgia’s showcase event connecting technology innovation and investment capital, today issued a call for presenters at its annual investor conference to be held on October 22-23, 2013 at the Georgia Aquarium. The two-day conference will spotlight Georgia’s best and brightest entrepreneurial companies and showcase innovation from throughout the state. A few of the benefits companies gain from participating include pairing local or national investors together with entrepreneurs and excellent mentoring and coaching.

As the region’s largest venture conference, presenting companies and event attendees will have the opportunity to network with a wide range of regional and national VCs, angel investors, and investment bankers, plus make connections with executives from the entire Georgia technology community who can assist in taking their company to the next level. Companies who have presented at Venture Atlanta have raised over $1.1 billion dollars and funding for past participants continues to grow each month.

This year’s event will feature VA Connections, a newly established face-to-face event held throughout the two-day conference. The program’s purpose is to connect investors with entrepreneurs in a private setting where meetings can potentially fuel business partnerships.

“Venture Atlanta is a great opportunity for companies to engage prominent investors and generate interest within the venture capital community,” said Louis Gump, CEO of LSN Mobile and a 2012 Venture Atlanta Presenting Company. “In addition to facilitating outreach to the investment community, it also provides a valuable forum for receiving feedback and testing new ideas, which can lead directly to improved business results.”

Venture Atlanta is looking for the following types of technology enabled businesses. Approximately 30 presenters will be chosen. These include:

  • Communication technology
  • Consumer
  • Financial services technology
  • Health IT
  • Information security
  • Mobility
  • Data & information management and analytics
  • Logistics

“Venture Atlanta presents an invaluable opportunity for local companies to gain exposure on a national stage and make important connections with a wide range of investors and professionals,” said Brian Gordon, partner at DLA Piper and 2013 Chair of Venture Atlanta’s Selection Committee.   “We take great pride in highlighting 30 Georgia-based companies who want to raise capital and heighten their profile.”

All companies looking to raise capital in the next 12 – 18 months are encouraged to apply. There are no application fees and presenting companies will attend Venture Atlanta free of charge. Companies seeking to present must submit a two-page executive summary by August 16, 2013. For more information, visit

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