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Spotlight on Venture Atlanta Alums: SalesFUSION


To say that SalesFUSION is a having a successful year thus far would be an understatement. As a leading provider of marketing automation software delivered through a SaaS-based model, this 2011 Venture Atlanta alum has made quite a few headlines as they continue to help businesses boost revenue by integrating their marketing and sales efforts.

In March, SalesFUSION raised $1 million in Series A funding backed by entrepreneur and angel investor Jon Hallett of Hallett Capital.

This Series A raise was followed up by the announcement of their highest revenue-performing quarter to date.

After coverage in the Wall Street Journal, the company then launched its 8.0 Marketing Platform at the Sirius Decisions Summit in San Diego on May 8th-10th .

Venture Atlanta recently caught up with SalesFUSION’s CMO, Kevin Miller, to ask what the future holds for this startup on the heels of their latest milestones.

Where will growth come from for the company in the next 12-18 months?

Growth will come from the channel: We sell through CRM Resellers and are aligned with Salesforce, Microsoft, Sage, Sugar, SalesLogix and Netsuite.  We are expanding our EMEA footprint and opening an office in London to complement our existing data center. We have expanded our US-based salesforce and marketing presence so a large percentage of growth will be organic net new sales.  We expect our growing channel and EMEA to account for 40% of total revenue within the next 12 months.

How has the consolidation of the CRM industry affected SalesFUSION?

It has not impacted us negatively as we are closely aligned with a number of leading CRM vendors. We are not too heavily reliant on any one CRM partner.

How will the recent capital raised be used?

The recent capital raised will be used on Marketing and Sales growth, as well as EMEA Expansion.

How has the company been affected by the talent crunch?

There has been no real impact as we are hiring and building out a team in Atlanta.

What’s in store for the CRM industry?

Movement to social CRM and an expansion of capabilities to manage social interactions with prospects and leads.

How does SalesFUSION remain competitive?

We are unique in our space because we are a CRM ourselves and are not married to any one CRM vendor. If Salesforce moves deeper into the marketing software space, we are well-positioned with other leading CRM partners and can operate as a fully standalone CRM/Marketing automation system.


With the added advantage of raising $1M in capital, SalesFUSION will be able to expand its relationships with its existing firms, while also attracting new channel partners, expand its capabilities in sales and services, and growing its product portfolio. We’re looking forward to seeing what else this Venture Atlanta alum has in store for the second half of 2013.

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