Apply to Present

Venture Atlanta is now accepting applications for our 2016 conference! The application period is June 7 – August 31 and will not be extended! Apply today!!!

We are again seeking applicants from Georgia as well as an expanded region which includes companies from D.C. to Texas. There is no cost to apply and for companies that are accepted, no cost to present. Companies will receive a confirmation by email after the application is properly submitted and received. All companies will be notified of their acceptance no later than Friday, September 16.

In addition to the opportunity to pitch on-stage, selected companies will receive exposure to the entire technology ecosystem, unparalleled mentoring and coaching, access to local and out-of-state venture fund groups through one on one meetings, as well as marketing and public relations counsel and support. Last year Venture Atlanta had well over 100 Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Angel Funds in attendance. Don’t miss the opportunity to shine in front of these esteemed investors.

How to Apply

There are two parts to the application process and you must complete both the application below AND submit your executive summary in the template format provided on this page. Your executive summary MUST be only 1 page in length and in PDF format. If a company submits a lengthy power point deck or long executive summary, they will not be reviewed and the application will be rejected. For those who have applied in the past, we have modified both our application and Executive Summary to capture the data needed to make informed selection decisions. Please be sure to submit ALL required information.

Questions? Contact Allyson Eman at 770-298-4202 or! Good luck to everyone.


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