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Three Atlanta Teams Graduate From Civic Accelerator

The Points of Light Civic Accelerator graduated its fourth cohort at the World of Coca-Cola last night. Fourteen ventures, selected from a pool of more than 200 applicants, gave three-minute pitches to a panel of four judges, who presented awards for most innovative idea and greatest potential for community impact. A third award, selected by the audience, was given for the night’s best pitch.

Cohort 4 included three Atlanta-based teams: 

  1. City Pioneers nonprofit organization raising money to build a Civic Innovation Center to host hackathons, workshops and other educational events. City Pioneers received the award for Best Pitch.
  2. SEMA Development developer of mobile games that help nonprofit organizations raise money
  3. WorkReadyGradsocial network connecting career-minded college students with potential employers and alumni

The remaining teams represented San Francisco, Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Minneapolis, College Park (Md.), and Chicago:

  1. Food Recovery Networkstudent-led food recovery program
  2. urbnearthoutdoor urban gardening tools
  3. Zealous Goodplatform connecting individuals and companies who have excess goods or merchandise with nonprofits that need them
  4. Catalysts by Designdesign consultancy partnering with local communities and organizations to resolve critical social challenges
  5. CODE2040nonprofit organization providing mentorship, leadership training and network development for black and Latino software engineering students
  6. Project SYNcERE science, technonology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) enrichment program for K-12 students
  7. EdgeFlipsoftware solution for amplifying the influence of nonprofits, advocacy groups and other social good organizations
  8. Linkedcausebranded, transactional campaign platform for charitable organizations
  9. Piggybackronline, team-based crowdfunding platform for users of all ages
  10. tinygivemicrophilanthropy platform enabling users to support causes through social media

Established in 2012, the Points of Light Civic Accelerator is a 12-week program for early stage social ventures in small to mid-sized US cities. The accelerator program is open to nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid ventures and has invested more than $450,000 into its cohorts since its first cohort in the winter of 2012. Civic Accelerator teams have gone on to collectively raise more than $5 million.

Pictures from last night’s pitch night are below:

And here is Civic Accelerator President Ayesha Khanna on Cohort 4:

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