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Venture Atlanta Selects 2014 Presenting Companies

Investor conference features region’s most promising technology companies, showcases strength of local entrepreneurial community

ATLANTA – September 22, 2014 – Venture Atlanta, the Southeast’s premier technology innovation event, announced today the companies selected to present during its annual conference to be held October 21-22 at the Georgia Aquarium. This year’s presenters include both early and later stage companies and showcase the strength of the region’s technology community. Now entering its 13th year, Venture Atlanta has helped connect more than 150 companies with over $1.3 billion in funding.

The 34 companies chosen to present at Venture Atlanta 2014 are:

  • Alii Healthcare
  • BlueLeap
  • CloudTags
  • Crescerance
  • eCommHub
  • Groundfloor Finance
  • Illuminate360
  • Kanga
  • MacStadium
  • MapLarge
  • Monsieur
  • MySnapCam
  • NexDefense
  • Niche Video Media
  • Oversight Systems
  • Pointivo
  • Predikto Analytics
  • QASymphony
  • REscour
  • Rigor
  • Rivalry
  • Servosity
  • SIGNiX
  • Social123
  • Springbot
  • Unicore Health
  • UserIQ
  • Voxa
  • Yik Yak
  • Zentila

“We once again have an extremely impressive roster of presenting companies – one that highlights the leading technology innovators our state has to offer,” said Blake Patton, Managing Partner, Tech Square Ventures and a Venture Atlanta board member. “This year’s competition was as intense as ever, and we’re very proud of those chosen to represent the level of entrepreneurial achievement here in Georgia.”

Among the chosen presenters, four are from outside the state and are included as part of the conference’s new Southeast Showcase, which provides opportunities for promising innovators in other areas of the Southeast. Those companies include:, Nashville, Tenn.; Servosity, Greenville, S.C.; SIGNiX, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Zentila, Orlando, Fla.

Venture Atlanta continues to deliver the highest caliber companies, strengthening Atlanta’s position as the region’s epicenter of technology growth and making it a focal point for national investors. Presenting companies as well as attendees will have the opportunity to network with investors, local entrepreneurs and senior business executives, and also hear from a strong lineup of speakers and panelists.

Register today for the Southeast’s most innovative entrepreneurial event. For more information or to view the conference schedule, please visit

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