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Venture Atlanta 2014 Conference – Marketing and Retail Tech Startups

For entrepreneurs in any industry, time is a valuable commodity. And this is no different for sales and marketing executives.

Ten startups will present their sales and marketing technology solutions at the 2014 Venture Atlanta conference that automate the more tedious aspects of the marketing and sales function. The broad array of B2B marketing SaaS and ecommerce products, address key weaknesses in current sales and marketing automation software products.

These 10 startups offer solutions ranging from data analytics to social listening, as well as those seeking to improve logistical and operational bottlenecks. Most have adopted a SaaS-based business model and are fueled by a combination of direct sales, inbound marketing and word-of-mouth referral tactics fo growth.

On the data side, Social123 aims to place a “freshness stamp” on socially sourced lead lists with a system that provides data cleanup, data validation and data assurance to accelerate sales performance. Springbot, an ecommerce marketing platform, helps small and businesses make smarter marketing decisions using tools typically only available to large retailers like Target and Amazon., a third data marketing platform, captures and connects consumer data from social media profiles, brand-owned channels and ecommerce sites to provide comprehensive customer profiles.

By contrast,, UserIQ and CloudTags are all examples of startups that help marketers reach their audiences through tracking social behavior online.‘s platform highlights what customers are talking about on social media and who influences them, while UserIQ focuses on a user’s in-app interactions to brands create more personalized in-app marketing messages based on that behavior.

Bridging the gap between retail and ecommerce sales is CloudTags, the only startup that implements thier technology directly in a brick-and-mortar environment. The company uses smartphone beacons to predict what customers are most likely to buy and then make purchasing recommendations to them later.

Four of nine focus on optimizing sales. Voxa, for example, integrates with CRMs (specifically, and other external system data to predict which emails are most important to follow-up on, then alerts team members when they need to respond or circle back on outbound emails.

Rivalry is s sales-coaching platform that provides analytics and communication tools that measure and document sales performance and improvement. Where traditional CRMs bog down management with cumbersome spreadsheets and dashboards, Rivalry provides standardized processes and visibility so managers can make proactive decisions and focus on training and hiring their teams.

Two presenting companies in this category – eCommHub and Rigor – are tackling the operational challenges associated with inventory and website management in the ecommerce space. eCommHub’s platform allows integration of supply chain back office systems in a way that automates the entire order life cycle. Rigor’s platform automates several key aspects of the testing and monitoring process by improving website performance and reducing downtime.

Photo Credit: Tim Reckmann via Flickr



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