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Flashpoint at Georgia Tech Accepting Applications for Batch 6

Flashpoint will be accepting applications for its sixth batch which is scheduled to begin in mid-September 2015. It will be hosting an information session on Wednesday, July 15 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. to provide insight into what awaits successful applicants at the 24-week program, as well as tips to developing a successful application.

At six months, the program which promises “Better Startups Faster,” is longer than that of most of typical accelerators around the world. But it appears to be working. According to its website, companies that have undergone the program have net market values of more than $500 million.

Program curriculum is comprised of a series of lectures by industry experts, detailed workshops, critiqued team presentations and interactions with potential customers. Like most accelerators the program ends in demo days at select cities. Unlike most accelerators, corporate teams can also apply to Flashpoint.

The program requires accepted startups to be or convert to C-Corporations. Successful startups each receive a $20,000 investment as a SAFE, from an independent fund (created, in part, by successful companies developed at Flashpoint.) In addition, Flashpoint purchases 7 percent of company stock.

According to program representatives, applications submitted by July 17 will be considered for the first round of initial interviews to move forward in the process and will “stand the better the chance of acceptance.”

Apply here. 

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