With 2016 expected to draw another sell-out crowd, we’re hosting this year’s event at the College Football Hall of Fame. We’re excited to continue our strong track record of delivering exceptional networking and 1:1 meeting opportunities for investors and technology executives, all while showcasing the Southeast’s most promising technologies and companies.

Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to get your brand front and center with today’s rising technology stars and the investors who back them.

We are pleased to offer many unique sponsorship opportunities again this year! Please be sure to download our complete sponsorship package to find the opportunity that meets your budget and needs. Do not delay in making your decisions. Call Allyson Eman at 770-298-4202 or aeman@ventureatlanta.org.

Sponsorship Package Highlights:

Premier Sponsorship – $28,000 Recruiting/Screening Committee – $7,500
Headline Sponsorship – $20,000 Investor Sponsorship – $5,000
Lanyard Sponsorship – $15,000 – SOLD Silver Sponsorship – $3,500
Platinum Sponsorship – $12,000 (multiple options) VA Alumni Sponsorship – $1,000
Gold Sponsorship – $10,000 (multiple options)



2016 Current Sponsors

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