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Venture Atlanta April 2016 Newsletter

Spring into Action

Spring is “Go” time and the calendar is filled with product launches, Demo Days and pitch conferences. But for one martech startup, spring just means “Go Harder.”

Since kicking off a campaign to create the Account-Based Marketing category last August, Terminus reached the seminal $1 million in ARR late last year, hosted a multi-city conference series attended by thousands, pitched at Venture Atlanta and recently closed a $7.5 million round of financing. In this edition, CEO Eric Spett and CMO Sangram Vajre share how they work.

In Spark, we feature a startup at the intersection of fashion, data and manufacturing.


The convenience of shopping in PJs at home with your favorite libation is a no-brainer. But you can’t really know how the pair of “classic fit” khakis you just virtually placed in the shopping cart will fit. Enter Fittery.


How I Work


“Mac, iPad, iPhone – I am an Apple guy! I just love the simplicity and branding of Apple products. Oh! And I am Marketing guy too!”



“I use aText text expander for Calendly shortcuts….I schedule the majority of my meetings by typing less than 10 characters.”




At the core of every story worth telling is an element of newsworthiness—a fact or event, a new piece of information that is timely, impactful and relevant to people, places or politics. Honing in on what makes your story worth telling is the first step to getting media coverage.

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