VA 2016 Early Stage Companies

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ChronicCareIQ converts patient smart phones into powerful monitoring devices that enable doctors, hospitals, and health systems to: 1. Provide better and more timely care to chronic and fragile patients 2. Capitalize on quality based federal payment reforms 3. Lower healthcare costs overall by reducing the frequency that chronic and fragile patients require hospitalization or Emergency intervention.

Cognosos Inc.

Cognosos provides sensing as a service using low cost, battery powered sensors to provide our customers with actionable intelligence. Our patented wireless technology and cloud-based wireless platform allows us to provide the coverage of cellular networks with sensors that can operate for 5 years on internal batteries. We serve a diverse set of applications including asset track- ing, waste management, smart parking, energy management and agriculture., Inc enables developers to write and run automated tests that help pinpoint code failures in real-time. As a result, developers can write, debug, edit, and test code at the same time, ultimately producing a more robust and reliable product in less time.

DDM Systems

DDM Systems makes the world’s most advanced ceramic and metal 3D printers. The company sells it’s 3D printers for additive manufacturing (AM), finished and repaired parts, and consumable printer supplies to global firms involved in the casting, deployment and repair of high-value parts.

Gro Solutions Inc.

Gro is the leading mobile-first account opening and loan origination solution. Gro customers have cut their abandonment rate in half, from 80% to to 34%. Gro provides both self-service and employee-assisted branch solutions. Gro also provides the necessary integrations into core banking systems and leading third-party ID verification services like TransUnion, Experian, and FIS Qualifile. Gro has 27 customers and has been self-funded by our veteran fintech executive team.

Haste (Thalonet, Inc. DBA Haste)

Haste optimizes Internet connections for people engaged in live, interactive experiences. Haste’s initial market sector and focus is competitive online gaming (Esports), with a longer term strategy to build a platform that supports any real-time application over the Internet.

Hirewire, Inc.

Hirewire is a hiring marketplace for the service industry. Job seekers and employers can view profile pictures, job history, video interviews, and chat within the app. Our machine learning algorithm matches both parties based on their preferences, location, and behavior.

MyLumper Corp

Each day over 140 million dollars exchanges hands between shippers and loading/unloading companies, using the current inefficient, fraudulent and antiquated systems of payment: Cash or Check. We offer the Freight Trucking & Freight Handling (lumper) industries a real-time direct payment platform with Shippers, Carriers, 3PL's and Truckers. Through our mobile and web-deployed technology; we enable their trading partners to issue Lumper Fee payments in a more convenient, efficient and secure manner.

Quest Renewables

Quest Renewables designs and delivers purpose-built solar canopy racking solutions for Developers that need to place solar on commercial parking landscapes (carparks, parking lots, parking decks). Due to its 60-foot long span and on-ground assembly, The QuadPod Canopy racking system delivers the highest density of solar (kW/sq. ft) for commercial parking landscapes, which allows our customers to achieve the greatest ROI available within the market.


RaceIQ is a software engineering firm focused on developing automotive security, performance and diagnostic solutions. Based in Atlanta, GA RaceIQ Engineering is committed to supporting OE automakers and their tier 1 suppliers with innovative solutions and services designed to support the future of the automotive market.

RightPatient Inc.

RightPatient is a SaaS-based photo, biometric data, and timestamp repository that improves billing, data integrity, security, and safety by accurately recognizing patients from various end points throughout the healthcare ecosystem. RightPatient has already been installed in health systems that represent over 250 hospitals and 38 million annual patient visits, with customers such as HCA, OhioHealth, Novant Health, and Baptist Health South Florida. The platform seamlessly integrates with Epic and other EHR systems.


Sequr is breaking the tradeoff between security and convenience that has defined the access control industry for decades. Our combination of enterprise level security, beautiful management portal and limitless scalability means that our customers can access the security and features normally reserved for the Fortune 500 at an affordable price. Even more, Sequr turns everyone’s phones into their access card. No more retractable badges, no more getting locked out of the office. Welcome to Sequr.


Sifted is an experiential lunch provider for destination workplaces like Yik Yak, Warby Parker, Eventbrite + Lyft that see talent as a competitive advantage and use our lunch programs to treat their team, build loyalty and inspire authentic connections.

Storj Labs

Storj is a developer tool for object storage using a P2P network that serves as a sharing economy marketplace between people that provide storage capacity to the network, “farmers”, and developers that store data on the network, “renters”.

Wellview Health

Wellview Health is on a mission to simplify healthcare. Our proprietary, consumer-centric, approach to population health management results in industry leading engagement. We understand a consumer's health insurance coverage and their available health services, becoming their trusted "one-stop" for all things health.