VA 2016 Venture Spotlight Companies

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Ally Commerce

Ally Commerce is a turnkey software + services solution for branded manufacturers selling direct-to-consumer online. Ally is multi-channel, including marketplaces and branded websites. We are a true turnkey solution. Our services include ERP software, web development, marketing, customer service, payments, and fulfillment.


CAR360 specializes in 3D computer vision technologies. The team, including PHD researchers, have created the CAR360 app to revolutionizes 360-degree vehicle capture. Using only a smartphone, users can quickly and easily capture interactive 360° views of any vehicle with a single center of rotation, a consistent scale, and a perfectly smooth rotation. The CAR360 technology is currently being licensed worldwide by top tier automotive companies to help them showcase their vehicle or to perform detailed inspections.


Clockwise.MD provides online self-scheduling and queue management solutions for healthcare organizations, helping providers to manage their patients’ experience of waiting for care. On average, Clockwise.MD customers experience wait times under 15 minutes, cut lobby wait times for online schedulers by 40%, and see a 10x ROI on their investment. To date, more than ten million patients have used Clockwise.MD to skip the lobby wait.

Deep Fiber Solutions, Inc.

Deep Fiber Solutions offers a patented technology and service for easily upgrading a cable operator’s legacy coax network to fiber optics by removing the dielectric and center conductor core. The remaining aluminum shield is cleaned and then used as a conduit or micro-duct for installing fiber optic cable. This is at a substantially lower cost than traditional boring and trenching, is completed in a fraction of the time, and avoids impacts to customer landscaping, lawns, and other utilities including water, power and ga


FINSYNC is a fully integrated financial management platform that helps small to mid-size businesses by bringing all finances in sync. Businesses track time and expenses, streamline invoicing, pay bills, process payroll, manage projects, automate accounting, and forecast cash flow in a paperless environment. All of these features working together in the cloud eliminate the need for numerous back-office applications and help businesses decrease expenses, increase efficiency, and leverage real-time analytics.


GROUNDFLOOR is the first and only real estate lending marketplace qualified by the SEC for participation by both accredited and non-accredited investors. Our loans provide a faster, cheaper and more flexible source of capital to "fix-and-flip" renovators and builders. Refreshingly different from a REIT, thousands of self-directed investors build portfolios composed of the fractional loan participation interests they choose, backed by real collateral, starting at a $10 unit price.


We monetize the intrinsic value of social media influencers by combining their audience with our infrastructure and delivering relevant custom products to their followers. Influencers tell their followers to go to “their site” and buy products “they designed”. We sell those products to the customers and pass back a royalty to the influencer (~10%). We price products so that our GM including royalty and shipping is ~50%. Our CAC is ~$20 with a LTV of $450.


mLevel is a SAAS microlearning solution that produces more effective learning outcomes by improving knowledge retention and skill application. Our no-code, mobile first platform enables companies and educators to engage learners via highly interactive activities such as games, videos, flashcards on any device anywhere while measuring knowledge gaps in near real-time. Today we service over 50 clients including 14 of the Fortune 100 and have recently been named Microsoft's Education Partner of the Year.

nuVizz, Inc.

Enterprise mobile SaaS solutions for logistics and transporatation verticals

PlayOn! Sports

PlayOn delivers live and on-demand video streams of high school sports to fans whenever and wherever they want. It is commonly referred to as the “Netflix of high school sports”. PlayOn is one of the largest direct-to-consumer sports media enterprises in the nation, and is the clear market leader in the high school sports vertical. PlayOn recently announced that it is expanding its products and services by launching a partnership for digital ticketing in the high school market.


Certified Pre-Owned Platform for IT Hardware Manufacturers helps vacation homeowners and residential real estate investors find the best management solution for their homes. With an innovative deal structure and the world’s largest network of property managers competing to offer maximum guaranteed income, currently serves 6 continents, over 60 countries, 42 states, and hundreds of cities.


SaaSOptics is a cloud-based, complete B2B subscription management platform that enables early stage to enterprise subscription businesses the ability to eliminate their dependency on spreadsheets and streamline their financial operations, reporting and performance metrics. Unlike most subscription management providers, SaaSOptics is easy to use, very affordable and takes weeks to implement. SaaSOptics serves over 250 customers billing an aggregate $1.2B+ using our platform.


Terminus enables B2B marketers to target best fit accounts, engage decision-makes on their terms, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale with best-in-class customer service.