Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
Venture Atlanta
Sep 15 /

Venture Atlanta September 2016 Newsletter

We enter the fall season with a look at fresh startups providing consumer services as a tribute to New Enterprise Associates partner Dayna Grayson, a consumer internet guru who will be speaking at Venture Atlanta 2016.

We also catch up with two Sparks: 2013 Venture Atlanta alum Sideqik and, a startup stirring things up in the vacation rental sharing economy.


Venture Atlanta Annual B2C Startup Round-up

Since last July when we last looked at the Atlanta b2c startup sector, Hux landed a healthy 7-digit round, Luma continues to light up the landscape with its funding haul, and the Switchyards Downtown Club is now firing on all pistons and hosting monthly pitch nights appropriately called The Consumer Show since April this year and the b2c startup scene is blossoming as we write this.

Here are just a few of the young startups pushing forward.



Venture Atlanta’s Kickstart for Sideqik

Consumers have had enough of traditional advertising. Millennials tuned out of the Olympics due to lengthy commercial breaks. Companies are turning to influencer marketing to get noticed…


More Spark Where vacation rental owners and property managers transact

The global vacation rental industry, once a cottage industry dominated by mom-and-pop businesses like bed and breakfasts and second home owners advertising in the classifieds, is now believed to be worth $100 billion. One company is paving the way for more professionalism…

Have a news tip or someone we should feature? Email Jacqui.


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