Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
Venture Atlanta
Nov 18 /

Funding University’s Jesse Dyer on Venture Atlanta 2016

Jesse Dyer of lending startup Funding University attended Venture Atlanta 2016 as a contributing reporter for Austin, Texas-based TechDrawl. Here’s what he wrote:

“The consensus from the folks I talked to was that the presentations were very professional and far more polished then in previous years. All the local startups had some local funding, which was nice to see.  There were several repeat presenters displaying their progress since the year before. The areas of focus were B2B, e.g. Internet security, marketing automation, healthcare IT, and Fintech – all right down the middle of the fairway for Atlanta. The College Football Hall of Fame was a nice change of venue. Less stuffy then the Georgia Aquarium…but no beluga whale watching if your mind wandered.”

For the rest of the post written by former Atlantan Ben Dyer on his visit to Atlanta the week after Venture Atlanta 2016, click here.  

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