Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
Venture Atlanta
Nov 2 /

Venture Atlanta Day 1: Company Presentations Session 1

Unlike previous years, companies this year are grouped in by category instead of growth stage. Here’s a rundown of companies that pitched in the first group.

Early-stage  Infrastructure | Company » Haste

Two-way content acceleration platform that reduces Internet lag with an initial application for the nearly $500 million Esports industry.  “In Esports, when you lag, you lose.” Revenue to be generated from consumer subscriptions.

Funds Raised to Date: ~$2 million

Employees: 10

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: Advanced Technology Center at Georgia Tech (ATDC) Signature Company


Growth-stage Infrastructure | Company » PlayOn! Sports

Technology platform delivers high school sports events via live stream and on-demand video to consumers desktops, mobile devices and OTT. The company’s target audiences are the 19,000 high schools, 60 million high school sports fans and the businesses that want to reach these fans. The total media spend opportunity is $1 to 2 billion. “The Netflix of high school sports.” Revenues streams include direct to consumer subscriptions, advertising and ticketing.

Funds Raised to Date: > $52 million [SEC filings]

Employees: 65

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: ATDC Graduate Company



Growth-stage Infrastructure | Company » Deep Fiber Solutions 

Provides coaxial cable-to-fiber optic conversion technology and services to large cable
operators such as Comcast, Cox and Charter Communications. The company is active in the Atlanta, Nashville, South Florida, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and Northern California markets. Revenue is generated based on unit price per foot.

Funds Raised to Date: > $20 million [SEC filings]

Employees: 100

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


Early-stage Cloud | Company » Sifted

Taking a data-driven approach to corporate lunch catering services to angel and venture-backed startups, and culture-centric companies. “SaaS meets Food.” The company is generating revenue via a SaaS-based pricing model and is at $2 million in annual recurring revenues.

Funds Raised to Date: NA

Employees: 17

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


Early-stage Sharing Economy | Company » Storj Labs

Distributed storage service based on blockchain technology competing in the $20 billion cloud storage sector. The company is targeting developers for its service and competes with online storage providers such as AWS S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Just signed Cox Enterprises as its first enterprise customer.

Funds Raised to Date: ~$2 million [SEC filings]

Employees: 12

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


Growth-stage Sharing Economy | Company »

Online auction marketplace for second homeowners and professional property managers. Revenues are generated from subscription and transaction fees paid by property managers.

Funds Raised to Date: >$3 million [SEC filings]

Employees: 13

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: Austin-based Startup Factory graduate and current ATDC Signature Company


Growth-stage Fintech | Company » Groundfloor

Online marketplace for real estate lending targeting accredited and unaccredited investors. Revenue streams earning origination and service fees paid by borrowers. “We are the Walmart of loans but the Neiman Marcus on margins.”

Funds Raised to Date: >$7 million

Employees: 23

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: ATDC Signature Company


 Growth-stage Cloud | Company » SaaSOptics

Cloud-based subscription management service for SaaS-based technology startups. Targeting the 3,000 emerging SaaS businesses in the country. Its 275 customers pay an annual subscription fee based their respective 12-month trailing revenues.

Funds Raised to Date: Seed financing

Employees: > 20

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA



Growth-stage Fintech | Company » FINSYNC

Comprehensive financial management platform for small businesses with 1 to 100 employees. Revenues are generated on a subscription model. The company will go to market via the banking channel.

Funds Raised to Date: NA

Employees: 30

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


Early-stage Fintech | Company » Gro Solutions 

Mobile-first loan origination and new  accounting set-up platform for financial institutions. Customers sign a 3-year license contract and pays annually. Contract size is tiered by size of assets under management.

Funds Raised to Date: Self-funded $4 million

Employees: 25

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


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