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Venture Atlanta Day 2: Company Presentations Session 1

Early-stage Automotive Security Company » RaceIQ

Provides a hardware/software intrusion detection and mitigation system for cars that protects against hacks, malware and viruses that can compromise the driver’s control of a vehicle. The company’s target customers are the 42 major automotive brands that it will acquire by partnering with companies that produce a vehicle’s infotainment system. It announced a partnership with Panasonic which produces 14 percent of the infotainment units in the market. Revenue model: per module per car.

Funds Raised to Date: Self-funded

Employees: 7

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: ATDC Signature Company


Growth-stage Automotive | Company » CAR360

Technology platform that enables car dealers  to create, store and publish and market 360 degree, “spinnable” videos of used cars using a smartphone. The company acquires customers via channel partners such as AutoTrader Canada and L’Argus France as well as sells direct to customer such as and Porsche North America.

Funds Raised to Date: $500,000

Employees: 10

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: Other – Winner of Shark Tank where it attracted investment from Mark Cuban.


Growth-stage EdTech | Company » mLevel 

SaaS-based microlearning platform spun out of Slalom Consulting that targets the corporate learning and K-20 markets. Deploys a direct sales force and a reseller network comprised of management consultants, software companies and publishers in the education industry. Revenue model: per user basis ranging from $1 – $20 per month.

Funds Raised to Date: $5 million

Employees: 19

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA



Early-stage Developer Tools | Company » 

Cloud-based software testing tool for web applications. Company offers a freemium model where use of its desktop application is free. Users are charged a subscription fee when they access Cypress’ cloud platform which flags and provides video, screenshots and logs of a test failing for more efficient and thorough feedback. Users include Google, Disney, the CDC, Mozilla and Turner.

Funds Raised to Date: $600,000

Employees: 5

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: ATDC Accelerate Company


Early-stage FinTech for Transportation & Logistics | Company » MyLumper

Payments technology for the trucking and freight handling industry. The company’s electronic payments technology eliminates the need for cash and express checks used by shippers, carriers and lumpers (those who load and unload for goods from trucks). Revenue model: per transaction fee.

Funds Raised to Date: $1.3 million

Employees: 5

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: ATDC Signature Company, Techstars Atlanta


Growth-stage Transportation & Logistics | Company » NuVizz 

Technology platform for the transportation and logistics industry. The company offers applications in fleet management, workforce management  for contract and temp staffing, etc. Revenue model: SaaS subscriptions based in number of transactions.

Funds Raised to Date: NA

Employees: 165

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


Early-stage IoT | Company » Cognosos

Provides “sensing as a service” to the Fortune 500 where the company’s wireless networking platform and low-cost battery powered wireless sensors enables companies to track and monitor physical assets in the field. The company is solving the power and cost issues related to the “Outdoor Internet of Things.” The company’s first offering allows customers to track the condition and location of assets. Revenue model: annual subscription and sensing services provided at a per sensor per site basis.

Funds Raised to Date: $750,000

Employees: 7

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: ATDC Signature Company

Growth-stage IT Hardware | Company » PureWRX

Certified Pre-owned Platform – suite of comprehensive software and go-to-market services –  that enables OEMs to compete in the secondary IT hardware market. Revenue model: revenue share of gross sales. Customers include AT&T, Verizon and Bell Canada.

Funds Raised to Date: ~$10 million

Employees: 35

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation: NA


Early-stage IT Hardware | Company » Sequr

Cloud-based access control management platform that manages secured access to offices, buildings and other physical structures. Company’s product integrates with existing IT systems for verification such as Microsoft Active Directory and Slack. The company is targeting businesses with 50 to 5,000 employees that have their own offices and corporate facilities as well as companies that manage physical access control to multi-family residential buildings. Sequr has secured a partnership with HID. Revenue model: a monthly minimum of $199 per month and a per employee per month (commercial) and per unit per month (multi-family residential).

Funds Raised to Date: $445,000

Employees: 7

Incubator/Accelerator Affiliation:  Techstars Atlanta and Atlanta Ventures


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