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The Magnificent 7 – Atlanta’s Top Series A Deals in 2016

As reporters and industry pundits last year grokked about whether a Series A crunch exists and how to avoid it, (Read about it here, here and here.) Atlanta-based startups were busy getting on with the business of scaling their startups, acquiring customers, hiring talent and raising capital.

Here are the seven largest Series A rounds raised by Atlanta-based startups in 2016 based on SEC filings. Some are familiar but there are more than a few that are not.


luma logo

Hardware and mobile solution for secure home WiFi. 

Year founded: 2014

Amount: $19.5M

Notable: The company raised a $12.5M round co-led by Accel Partners and Amazon Alexa Fund in the spring and the remaining amount, co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and GV(formerly Google Ventures),  was announced in the fall. 


jvion logoTechnology tool that provides patient-level predictions, prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions to healthcare providers using data analytics. 

Year founded: 2011

Amount: $8.9M

Led by: Unknown. Notable – Emerson Fann, managing partner at Eastside Partners is listed as board of director. Eastside’s other Atlanta-based investments include Accelarad, BrightWhistle and SPI Dynamics.  


dcblox logo

Data center provider utilizing a proprietary enclosure technology that allows for more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective infrastructure.

Year founded: 2014

Amount: $8.9M 

Led by: Atalaya Capital Management


Terminus logo  Account-based marketing platform that enables marketers, whose products are designed for businesses, to target and engage prospects that mirror the characteristics and profile of existing customers. 

Year founded: 2014

Amount: $7.5M

Led by: Edison Partners. Other Atlanta investments: LogFire and Big Cloud Analytics


bluefin payment systems logoSecure payment processing (“P2PE”) for integrated and stand-alone solutions serving retail, mobile, call center and kiosk/unattended environments in the retail, healthcare and education industries.

Year founded: 2007

Amount: $6M

Co-Led by: Camden Partners and Napier Park Global Capital’s private equity group.


synthio_logoFormerly known as Social123, the Synthio platform automatically cleans, standardizes and updates its customers’ end-user data.   

Year founded: 2011

Amount: $4.25M

Led by: Vocap Investment Partners

Other Atlanta Investments: Vocap also invested in Atlanta-based Blue Ridge  and Bridgevine.


Gather Technologies logoEvent management and collaboration platform that streamlines the internal and external communications, workflow and invoicing associated with the booking  of special and/or private events at restaurants and special events venues. 

Amount: $2.5M

Led by: Storm Ventures. Other Atlanta investments: Appcelerator (formerly Atlanta-based) and SalesLoft.  


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