Venture Atlanta Conference 2013
Venture Atlanta

One of the most rewarding aspects of travel is the opportunity to learn about and participate in different cultural experiences. For experienced travelers, the thrill of diving into a new culture is part of the adventure, but not everyone prefers … [read more]

The themes of “imagination” and “taking flight” took center stage at the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s 155th annual meeting on Tuesday as MAC President and CEO Hala Moddelmog outlined her plans to promote Atlanta as a global “imagination hub” in 2015. … [read more]

They have been praised as drivers of economic growth, criticized for the crass commercialism they promote, and even given their own episode on Comedy Central’s South Park. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are back and could be bigger than ever this … [read more]

October was a busy month for Atlanta startups in B2B sales and social data. Eleven startups – including four 2014 Venture Atlanta companies – successfully completed funding rounds last month, the majority of which were at the seed stage. The … [read more]

The makers of an SMS app that would allow residents to check on the status of their building permit applications won the City of Atlanta’s fourth Govathon, which wrapped up this weekend at the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency (AWDA). Nine teams … [read more]