Venture Atlanta Conference 2015
Venture Atlanta

If you believe that your life experiences shape who you are and sharing these in the form of stories is like sharing a piece of yourself; then you are the audience for the Immortalia app. Immortalia is a mobile application … [read more]

Many people would not consider gaming a spectator sport, but with more online free-to-play games and the ability to view and stream gaming, it’s fast becoming just as much of a competitive pastime as any other sport. Founded in 2005 … [read more]

We have all experienced the tedious scenario: you’re out to eat with friends and you’re ready to check out. You need to find your server in a busy restaurant, and then you’re left trying to divvy up the tab. It … [read more]

Whether it’s across the street or 10 miles away, moving is a hassle. And for college students, moving is an inevitable ritual at the beginning and end of each semester. On-campus moves were the inspiration forĀ Bellhops, a technology-enabled startup harnessing … [read more]

SonoFASTĀ is looking to improve the ultrasound examination experience by replacing the use of messy liquid gel with a disposable polymer pad that fits on any probe. The pad offers minimum friction for more comfortable exams and its acoustic transmittance properties … [read more]