Venture Atlanta Conference 2015
Venture Atlanta

Editor’s Note: This first appeared on and is republished with permission. Choosing a trademark or service mark is an important decision for a business owner. It’s a good idea to hire an attorney to review a potential mark and … [read more]

The 2015 Technology Association of Georgia / Venture Atlanta /Metro Chamber Business Launch Competition came to a brilliant conclusion Monday evening. The night began with eight semi-finalists and ended with one winner taking home $50,000 in cash plus many more … [read more]

Atlanta Tech Village-based Calendly is an online meeting scheduling service that reduces the back and forth that occurs when coordinating meetings via email. While competitors such as Doodle, Scheduleonce and TimeBridge exist, Calendly has experienced rapid organic growth over the … [read more]

Health IT is a hot segment, attracting everyone from students with a mobile app to mammoth companies crunching big data (IBM’s Watson, for example). It’s hard to argue with the idealistic notion of using technology to help people achieve better … [read more]

The annual confab for investors and top startups in the Southeast, otherwise known as Venture Atlanta conference, will be held October 20 and 21 in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference has consistently sold-out for the last few years and while registration … [read more]