Venture Atlanta Conference 2015
Venture Atlanta

What do the following have in common: a social network for people with epilepsy, a robot that helps children with motor disabilities, and an app for individuals recovering from a concussion?   In addition to illustrating technologies that can spring … [read more]

by Michael Whitacre, tax partner at BDO USA, LLP Startups are great—to start—but most should have a vision of moving to the next stage of their business life-cycles. Such a change typically spurs the startup founders or management team to undertake … [read more]

By Benoit Gruber, vice president of corporate communications, Sage Enterprise Market & Sage X3 If you’re looking to conduct cross-continent business, know that you can, but the task is not easy. Managing one location has it’s own challenges such as … [read more]

Predikto’s MAX, an auto-dynamic machine learning engine, has been adopted by New York Air Brake for its train control technology offerings. The predictive analytics component will be integrated into Air Brake’s Locomotive Engineer Assist/Display & Event Recorder (LEADER) product. In an official … [read more]

It is a necessity for businesses to implement certain technologies in order to keep up with the competition. Businesses that work smarter often get better results, save money and make more of that precious green in the long term. … [read more]