Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
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The CEO of a technology startup once noted that an upcoming announcement about a new strategic alliance (with a company no one had ever heard of) deserved prominent placement in the New York Times. I told him that to generate coverage the announcement needed to validate a trend, create a new business model or impact a broader industry. Simply put, it needed to be news. … [read more]

The following article was written by Lisa Calhoun of Write2Market via the Guest Blogger Program.   Lots of entrepreneurs dream about selling their business someday—but only a few are born “exit engineers.” The entrepreneurs that position their companies to sell well … [read more]

The following article was written by Peter Baron of Carabiner Communications via the Guest Blogger Program.   I recently sat down with Jennifer Bonnett, ATDC’s acting general manager, to learn what it’s been like to grow her career from software … [read more]

Search engines, namely, Google, continues to adjust the rules which keeps businesses on their toes. The good news is that 2016 will favor quality and usefulness over keyword manipulation or other tricks of the past. … [read more]

Do you have a clear, measurable marketing goal for the year? Increase trial signups by 50% is a very clear goal. Something like “double website traffic” might be easy to measure – but is not very goal oriented, because it doesn’t sound like a goal but more like a means to an end: “double website traffic so that we can double the number of online leads.” The overall goal is to double leads. … [read more]