Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
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Category: Executive Spotlight

Venture Atlanta board of director and Cloud Sherpas co-founder Michael Cohn has been named first managing director of Techstars Atlanta. Set to kick-off this summer, Cohn will oversee the program’s strategic direction, lead startup recruitment and work with stakeholders across the Techstars global … [read more]

The following article was written by Peter Baron of Carabiner Communications via the Guest Blogger Program.   I recently sat down with Jennifer Bonnett, ATDC’s acting general manager, to learn what it’s been like to grow her career from software … [read more]

Finding a local service provider could soon be as easy as shopping on Amazon thanks to Hux (formerly Vergilis), an online marketplace connecting local service providers with the people who need Founder Stanley Vergilis, who launched his career in entrepreneurship while … [read more]

When something breaks, finding a replacement is as easy as typing in a few search terms and placing an order online. But what happens when the part you’re looking for is hard to describe, or the sales representative can’t help … [read more]

Ashish Mistry is a consummate behind the scenes, make-things-happen guy in the Atlanta technology community. To describe Mistry as just an entrepreneur would be a gross understatement. Behind the youthful demeanor lies a shrewd operator and tough competitor. Mistry’s career … [read more]