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Whether it’s across the street or 10 miles away, moving is a hassle. And for college students, moving is an inevitable ritual at the beginning and end of each semester. On-campus moves were the inspiration for Bellhops, a technology-enabled startup harnessing … [read more]

2013 Venture Atlanta alum Parkmobile USA has established a joint venture with the SP+ Corporation to create a more efficient parking payments experience. Parkmobile USA will manage day-to-day operations. The joint venture, called Parkmobile LLC, combines Parkmobile USA’s on-demand parking transaction platform with Click and … [read more]

Editor’s note: The following article was written by Elton Rivas of the KYN Accelerator via our Guest Blogger A few years ago, starting a new company was a lonely enterprise. The path was simple, yet fairly indirect and organic: an entrepreneur … [read more]

The Federal Communications Commission’s proposed changes to net neutrality rules have become the most hotly contested rule change in the history of the agency, with participants on both sides of the debate having contributed more than one million comments since May 15. … [read more]

Editor’s Note: The following article is a guest post submitted by Lisa Calhoun of Write2Market via our Guest Blogger Program. During a recent trip to Southland SE, an annual venture conference held in Nashville, I gathered some game-changing insights on the … [read more]