Venture Atlanta Conference 2016
Venture Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia-based Points of Light Civic Accelerator awarded $50,000 each to Mission Propelle, a for-profit startup based in Chicago, and Move This World, a nonprofit venture based in New York City. They were part of the accelerator’s sixth and latest … [read more]

The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar business with an average of 2.1 million weddings taking place in the United States each year. Couples in 2014 spent an average of $31,213 for their special day and $1,357 of that for … [read more]

Online sales of apparel and accessories is forecasted by industry analyst group eMarketer to reach $60 billion or 17.2 percent of total retail ecommerce in the United States this year. But returns account for 30 to 40 percent of clothing … [read more]

If you believe that your life experiences shape who you are and sharing these in the form of stories is like sharing a piece of yourself; then you are the audience for the Immortalia app. Immortalia is a mobile application … [read more]

Many people would not consider gaming a spectator sport, but with more online free-to-play games and the ability to view and stream gaming, it’s fast becoming just as much of a competitive pastime as any other sport. Founded in 2005 … [read more]