Venture Atlanta Conference 2013
Venture Atlanta

INTRODUCTION In an ecosystem where “raising capital” has traditionally meant pitching angels, venture firms or even mom and dad, the concept of equity-based crowdfunding has, until recently, remained on the fringes. This new avenue¬†has been gaining particular attention in the … [read more]

INTRODUCTION It used to be the case that the best way to learn about a product before buying it was to speak directly to a sales representative.¬†Now, many buyers research online and/or seek recommendations from their peers before ever setting … [read more]

INTRODUCTION Coworking spaces are the new hubs of the knowledge economy. Some call it ‘accelerated serendipity,” and others, “density.” But almost all startup aficionados agree that proximity creates a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t easily be replicated. Since … [read more]

INTRODUCTION By all accounts 2013 was another banner year for the Atlanta startup community. Among the highlights: Airwatch kicked off the year with a massive $200 million Series A round in February and then added another $25 million to its … [read more]

INTRODUCTION November kicks off the season of giving and it is in this spirit that we shine a light on an organization that bears a famous name in the Atlanta technology community. Shifting gears, we wrap up the last newsletter … [read more]